Yearly AGM

This week we will be having out yeatly AGM. This is to discuss what happened last year and to vote in this years commitee

Welcome Back

This week we will be having our first meeting of the year.

Christmas Photos and End of Year Wrap Up

This Thursday will be our last meeting of the year. Unfortunately, we aren't having a Christmas party this year, but please feel free to bring out the Christmas jumper, flashing earings, ties etc. In preparation for that meeting the challenge is to take one or more photographs that express Christmas.

EGM on Lifetime Membership and Sky Replacement by Eugene

Eugene will go through the Sky Replacement technology available in Photoshop and demonstrate the ease of use and impact it can make on an image with a lack lustre sky.

Challenge and Competition

This week we will be going over and looking at the submissions for the Monly Challenge (Every day or mundane objects with a fresh perspective) and Competition (Human interaction)

Critique Night and Help Choosing Exhibition Photos

On Thursday there will be critique available. If you would like some critique on your photos please upload to dropbox

Your favourite Photo / Photographer

This Thursday Jimmy will start us off by presenting a book on photography which inspired him. Then we are asking each of you to talk for a few minutes on what photo or photographer inspires you. You can share the photo or photos of the photographer by sharing a link on the night. This is not a test, just sharing what you like with the rest of the club.

Lightroom: Beginner and Advanced breakout rooms.

We will have 2 breakout rooms in Teams. Andrew will cover a beginners approach to Lightroom. Michael will cover an advanced approach.

Autumnal Challenge and Portrait Competition

This week we will be going over and looking at the submissions for the Autumnal Challenge and Portrait Competition. There will also be time for Silly questions or other items you'd like to discuss.

Astro Picture tutorial & Masks in Photoshop

Eugene will go through his editing of an Astro shot at Killiney Hill. Ingo will also give a short presentation on clipping masks in Photoshop.

Capture One & Astro Tutorial

Barry will be going through and sharing with the club some of his knowledge of Capture One. This is a photo editing programme a little like Lightroom. Also an astro photography tutorial will be given in advance of a proposed outing next week to Shea Elliot (a spot somewhere deep in the Wicklow mountains). We hope to inform you of the basics of what to do and expect with astro photgraphy, so as beginners especially can get more out of an astro night.

Outking: Kilcoole Beach

This Thursday we will have an outing to Kilcoole beach to catch the sunset, wildlife, etc. The meetup time is 6.30 pm at Kilcoole Beach carpark next to Kilcoole train station. Please note the earlier time of 6.30 pm to catch the sunset. If that's a bit early for you, do come along anyway and catch us up.

Silly Questions

Barry will host more silly questions that have been sent in.

Silly Questions & Editing Demo

Barry will host the silly questions that have been sent in. We welcome members of the club to help answer the questions where applicable.
Members of the committee will show how they would edit Andrew's hay bale sunset/sunrise photo in Lightroom, Photoshop and Raya Pro.

Outing: Djouce Woods

This Thursday we will be running a woodland shoot. We have two models on the night and they will be brining along various different outfits

Competition and Challange

This week you we will judge the completition and check out the photos you took for the challange.

Welcome back - Show Us Your Favourite Images

This Thursday we are going to have an easy night looking at each other's favourite images. Please submit 2 images that you've taken that you are really like. On Thursday we'd like to hear from you why you like them, how you took them etc. This is not a critique night, so please feel at ease. Of course, if you do want critique on your images you can mention this at the time.

IPF Club Championship Submitted Images Review

On Thursday we will be having a look at some of the images that have been submitted by members for the 2020 IPF Club Championship. There will be two panels, one colour and one B&W, with 10 photos in each panel. If you haven't already, please look through your photos and submit the best of them, and let’s see if we can put two good panels together.

Exposure Blending Using Luminosity Masks

On Thursday Ingo will be showing us how he does Exposure Blending of Bracketed images using Luminosity Masks. He will be showing us this in Easy Panel 2 from Shutter Revolve. It will be a good follow on from Barry's talk last week. Ingo will also show some additional things you can do with the Nik Pluggin.

HDR and Bracketing in Lightroom by Barry

This Thursday Barry will go through the Bracketing and HDR (High Dynamic Range) method he uses in Lightroom. For those who are unfamiliar with the terms, Bracketing is often (but not solely) used to get the highlights, midtones and shadows properly exposed in a scene where ordinarily the camera will over expose the highlights and or under expose the darker areas. In order to achieve this, Bracketing uses three or more photos taken at different exposures which are then blended together in post production to achieve a HDR image.

Critique night

This Thursday we will be reviewing and appreciating your work. So please upload to the link provided up to 5 of your favourite images that you have taken recently or are even from your archive before the meeting on Thursday.

Competition, Challenge and Flickr Review

This Thursday we will be having a look at the club's group to see recently uploaded photos. Don't be put off by the standard. You will learn alot by looking at other's photos and allowing others to see yours.
We will also be trying to guess the subject of your Macro challange photos you have been taking.
Also we will be voting on the images of this months competition and the results will be given on Thursday evening.

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