At GCC we firmly believe that the success of the club relies on one very important element, its members and their willingness to get involved and be part of a group who all share a common passion for Photography.

Greystones Camera Club is open to photographers of all skill levels. It is a club for photography enthusiasts, it is not a school and we do not run classes to teach you how to be a better photographer.


Our expectations of all our members old and new is that they get involved and use other members, internal and external resources to help further their skills as a photographer.


The Club programme of activities is varied and covers a broad range of items each year including;


  • Hands-on workshops

  • Basic camera* features for beginners

  • Lighting setup's (Strobes and studio lighting)

  • Advanced photographic equipment workshops

  • Processing techniques and software tutorials


*(Compact cameras are not recommended due to feature limitations) 

We also arrange regular outings throughout the year and practical sessions in and around the local area as well as a bi-weekly and monthly competitions.


GCC participates in IPF accreditations for its members as well as competitions and is a member club registered with the IPF.


Whilst it is impossible to please all of our members all of the time we endeavour to put together a programme that reflects the broad range of interests and abilities within the club. Members are encouraged to put forward suggestions on a continual basis that could be added to our programme of activities throughout the year.


  • Greystones Camera Club (GCC) Membership runs from January to January.
  • Annual Membership fee is €120. 


When you become a member at GCC you receive the following:


  • Unique Membership ID# (used for competition entries and other club activites)

  • Unique personal email address.

  • Access to the clubs dedicated internal communications & private social network.


If you are interested in becoming a member of Greystones Camera Club or you have any questions or queries, please use the Contact Us page.