Club Meetings
Unless otherwise advertised Greystones Camera Club meets every Thursday evening at 8pm (20:00) at Hillside Evangelical Church.
Members of GCC can keep up to date with what's on, when and where on our internal communications network in the 'Weekly GCC Communications' group.
From the start of July to the end of August GCC starts its 'Outings Season'.
Regular outings for members are organised in advance for the summer months.
Our members are also encouraged to use our internal network to organise other social outings and photography trips outside of these planned events.
Club  Health & Safety Policy
  • Hillside (GCC HQ) should be left exactly as it was found at the start of a night.
  • Members and visitors should ensure they note the fire escape nearest to them.
  • There is a strict no smoking policy within the premises of Hillside at any time.
  • Aisles and exits must be kept clear of any obstruction such as bags, equipment, coats etc. This includes the access space between chairs during a club night.
  • Care should be taken when walking around computer equipment, projectors etc.. due to cables. 
  • Cars must be parked in such a way as to permit safe access for the Emergency Services and care should also be taken not to block or obstruct your fellow members.
  • Members should exercise care during the filling of tea/coffee cups to avoid scalds.
  • Members should seek help moving heavy items such as tables or any heavy equipment (Lighting kits etc.)
  • During all Club activities at Hillside all fire exits must remain unlocked and unobstructed. This is the responsibility of the person or persons officiating on a given night.
  • All members must sign in at the door and pay their attendance fee.
  • The Assembly Point for GCC Members is at the side gate entrance in Hillside.
  • As per the National Child Protection Guidelines - Club membership is restricted to 18 years or over. Proof of age may be required.
  • During organised outings where large numbers are present it is good practise for members of the committee and club members to wear Hi-Vis vests.
Any queries, questions, concerns or observations should be reported to the Chairperson or a member of the Committee immediately.