Greystones Camera Club




1. The name of the organisation shall be the ‘Greystones Camera Club’ (hereinafter referred to as “GCC”)

2. It shall be a non-political, non-sectarian, and non-profit making organisation.

3. The main aim of GCC shall be the promotion of photography as an art form, as a medium of education and information, and as a leisure activity.



Membership is open to all persons who are interested in photography, and (a) who are over 18 years of age and who fully complete a GCC registration form. Membership starts from that date and is active only for remainder of that calendar year.

Membership subscriptions shall fall due for renewal on the 1st of February each year and any member who fails to pay the annual subscription or remains in arrears after the 29th of February shall cease to be a member and will be unable to enter any competitions or exhibitions or vote at any General Meetings. All access to GCC resources will be terminated.

The Council must approve all applications for membership and may decide to decline any membership application at its discretion.

Should the conduct of a member or members be considered prejudicial to the well-being or reputation of GCC, the Council shall investigate the matter and will have the power to discipline, suspend, or expel the member or members from GCC. The member shall be then informed of the reason for the Committee’s action, and a member so suspended, disciplined or expelled shall be entitled to appeal to an appropriately convened General Meeting of the members of GCC.

Lifetime Membership

The following people are Lifetime Members of GCC:

  • Dan King 

  • Celine Pollard

  • John McGowan

  • Ray O’Toole

  • James Griffin

  • Tina Kavanagh

  • Sean O’Moore

  • Frank Holohan

  • David Stanway

  • Jane Friel

No other person may become a Lifetime Member of GCC.

A Lifetime member who has not paid the annual membership subscription is restricted to the following benefits of being a member of GCC:

  1. He or she may access the Club social media platforms such as Flickr, Yammer and WhatsApp;

  2. He or she may indicate affiliation with GCC when presenting for an IPF distinction or other awards, and may participate as a member of GCC in IPF club competitions;

  3. He or she may participate in up to 2 normal meetings each year.

To partake in other GCC activities and to take other benefits of membership, including attending any General Meeting, outing or exhibition, a Lifetime Member must have paid the annual membership subscription.



The affairs of GCC will be managed by a Council of members who shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (hereinafter referred to as the “AGM”). The Council (hereinafter referred to as the “Council”) will consist of the following officer posts.


(a) Chairman x 1


(b) Vice Chairman x 1


(c) Secretary x 1


(d) Treasurer x 1


(e) Competition Secretary x 1


(f) IPF Competition Secretary x 1


(g) Technical Officer x 1

(h) Exhibition & Promotions Officer


In the event of any post or posts above not being filled for any reason any officer on the Council can hold up to two positions until the post is filled.


Officer posts will have a 1 year and 1 month term at maximum and elections for these posts must be held at each AGM held.

No new member can take up an officer post without having been a member of GCC for 6 months.

A Council member cannot occupy the same officer post for more than 3 years consecutively.

In the event of an officer resigning for whatever reason, the Council will be empowered to co-opt others as required.

In the absence of the Chairperson, the vice-Chairperson will have the casting vote in the event of a tie.


There will be 2 x additional non-Council roles on the Committee, to be filled from qualified members of GCC and at the discretion of the Council.


A Subcommittee of members may be selected to carry out specific tasks when requested to do so by the Council but the term of such subcommittees will end at the next AGM.


No Person shall serve on the Council for longer than 5 years consecutively.


The Council shall hold a minimum of four meetings during its year of office.

No meeting of the Council will take place without a quorum i.e. four Council members present.

All decisions of the Council shall be based on a simple majority of votes taken by that body.



All full members of GCC of at least 1 months standing are eligible to vote at any General Meeting, either Annual or Extraordinary. In any vote, the motion will be carried by simple majority of those present who are entitled to vote. In the event of a tie in any vote, the chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

The Annual General Meeting (hereinafter referred to as the “AGM”) of GCC will be held before the 30 of January each year.

An Extraordinary General Meeting of GCC shall be held on the request of the Council, or at the request of one quarter of current eligible members.

Every motion must have a proposer and a seconder before it can be discussed at any General Meeting.

All proposed motions for consideration at a General Meeting must be submitted to the GCC Secretary by Email to arrive seven days before the date of the proposed meeting.

Members will be notified of General Meetings by announcement at meetings, on the website, or by circular, or by email at least fourteen days in advance of the meeting.



Yearly membership subscriptions will be set out by the Council.

Weekly meeting charges will be agreed by the Council in order items such as rent and refreshments and advised to members by email or at meetings. Non-members may be charged at the Council’s discretion.

The treasurer shall keep an up-to-date record of GCC finances, and account for all lodgements, withdrawals, income and expenditure. The financial year shall run from lst of February to 31st of January each year. The accounts shall be balanced on 31st of January each year or before the AGM.

Accounts will be reviewed at the AGM and available for inspection and approval by the members.

GCC shall have powers to open and maintain a bank account and the signatories to the bank account of GCC shall be any two of the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, or one other Council member as designated in this constitution document.



GCC may only be dissolved at a General Meeting. In the event of the dissolution of GCC any assets thereof must not be distributed amongst the members of GCC in any way whatsoever. The Council shall stay in office until these assets have been disposed of in accordance with the Objectives of GCC (see clause 3).

The GCC Constitution may be amended by a decision of a majority of eligible members present at an AGM or an EGM.


Document Revision History:

Updated: 25-01-15

Addition - 2 x non-council member roles.

Change to consecutive years’ service on the council from 3yrs to 5yrs

Updated: 22-01-2016

Addition - 1 x Technical Officer role

Updated: 17-01-2019

Amendments made to the names of Chairman and Vice-Chairman to Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson.

Updated 14-01-2019

Addition - 1 x Exhibition & Promotions Officer

Updated November 2020 (EGM 3rd December 2020)
Introduced a definition of Lifetime Membership and put this to an EGM
Updated January 2021 (AGM 14th January 2021)
Added a new committee member: Exhibition & Promotion Officer