Greystones Camera Club

Greystones Camera Club (GCC) was formed in the summer of 2011 after a post on the Greystones/Charlesland forums of encouraged a group of local residents with an interest in photography to get together at a local pub and talk all about Photography.

The group decided to continue to meet up every Thursday evening for a pint, a chat and a session with the cameras around Greystones. Once word got out we soon had so many people wanting to join us each week that we quickly out grew our first club house (The Beach House Pub at Greystones Harbour) and started looking for a more permanant location.

We were very fortunate to find our new home at Hillside Evangelical Church on Hillside Road in Greystones, and what a perfect home it is!

We now have access to very spacious and modern facilities that can cater for all kinds of photographic exploits from full studio setups and multiple break out areas which can be used for practical photography workshops. We also have fantastic facilities for visiting guest speakers and judges as well as projected presentations and competitions, and to top it all off we even have a wonderful kitchen to cater for our weekly tea and cakes. Our annual Christmas party and summer BBQ have been big hits with our members.

Greystones Camera club, its committee and members are extremely grateful to the congregation and elders of Hillside Evangelical church for their continued support of GCC and use of their facilities. ‚Äč

Our growth has been quite extreme and it really shows that there was a very real need for a Camera Club servicing not only Greystones but the greater North Wicklow and Bray area as well.

Our club year is January to January. For membership enquiries, please use the Contact Us page or alternatively you can fill out the application form here : Application Form

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